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It is hard to believe (accept?) that as of September 2015, thirty-seven years will have passed since the day I was sworn in as an attorney. Although the practice of law has changed due increased numbers of attorneys, new causes of action, new areas of practice and, of course, technological advancements, the delivery of quality legal services still comes down to two important factors: the client and the attorney. I can’t say with any degree of certainty that clients are more or less demanding or more or less sophisticated today than clients were thirty-five years ago. What I can say with a some certainty is that clients expect a high degree of professionalism, and it is our duty as their trusted advisors to see to it that they get it.

Professionalism is the one aspect of the practice of law to which we are immutably wedded once we have taken that oath on the day of admission. It has been my experience that the successful and respected attorneys with whom I have been in contact have also been the ones most cognizant of their position of trust with regard to their clients. They understand that what we do is not merely a means to earn money, but a profession, akin to medicine and education, which at its core offers people specialized services for a wide variety of issues that affect their lives.

Contrary to some comments that I hear from time to time, I see a high degree of collegiality among younger attorneys and an increased interest in taking advantage of membership in the State and County Bar associations. The value of networking is well known to the current generation of lawyers and will serve them well.

I am certainly pleased that my practice is doing very well. Jennifer and I will mark four years of working together as of September 2015. I could not be more pleased that it is working out so well. Stay tuned for further updates.

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